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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Max Fac(/k)tor

The make-up genius.

The beauty micrometer; it analyzes facial flaws to see what features must be enhanced or minimized.

Too poor to send their children to regular school, the Faktor family sent Max to aprentice as a pharmacist. After spending countless hours mixing various ingredients, Max Faktor discovered an interest in cosmetics. Max Faktor moved to the United States in 1904, becoming Max Factor. He took an opportunity to sell his hand-made make-up at the World's Fair that year in St. Louis. Having become interested in the movies, he relocated his family to Los Angeles in 1908. He wanted the movie stars to use his make-up. Max Factor had invented a new sort of make-up that would not crack, and soon enough movie stars were eager to "sample the 'flexible greasepaint.'"


It Happened One Night

Here they are hitch-hiking and Gable cannot seem to grab anyone's attention.

But Colbert can.