Crozzled state of mind.

Friday, January 15, 2010

This Week

This week is 10x better than the last. Last Friday I found a penny on the ground which hopefully jump-started this good week. Today my friend from high school I haven't seen in forever is touring campus so I'm going to hang out with her. Last night was actually fun. I'm not taking art history. Only one hour of class today. I don't feel tired. Good things are everywhere this week. I'm so glad.

Okay the next post IS going to be about Ginger. It is much delayed, but I was planning to post it earlier so I want to actually follow through and do it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The worst days of my life are currently taking place. I'm not saying that like how angsty teens say that; I really mean that all areas of my life - school, work, friends, relationships - are stinking worse than the trash room at the end of the hall. So I have one thing to post this weekend, but I may not be on here for a bit after that.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dream come true!

Last week I found this one-piece and I was utterly beside myself with the bells of delight ringing in my ears! It was basically what I've been looking for in a jumper: high waisted, blouse-like upper half with sleeves, and airy shorts.  It even has a cute little peter pan collar.

And... I wore it today.  At 9:30pm.  Outside.  In January.
In Los Angeles of course. ;)
Today though, it was unnaturally warm at night.  Don't know what was up with that.  I'm a cold-weather person.  The only thing that makes me cheery about warm weather is finding cute things to wear. :)

Christmas Things

Well this took me forever to post. These are just some things I got for Christmas:

This is a really pretty nightgown set with stitched flowers on the bodice and shoulders of the outer piece.

The items on the left are records that my mother decided to start collecting for me. She wants to get a player so we can listen to them! Books are to the right. Pretty self-explanatory.

More paper goods. I already started playing Cheek to Cheek on the piano and ukulele. The cards are very neat. They are from my grandmother, and they are old photos from around where I live. Of the five big postcards showing, the one on the bottom right was written and dated 12/23/09. As in 1909, and it is a woman writing to her mother about getting on the train and Christmas plans, etc. Of the small cards, the one pictured on the left (I know these are hard to see, but...) is of Exposition Park and the Natural History Museum (where I work in the summer)!

This book is full of odd quotations, but the drawings have a very clean art deco feel to them. The gingerbread-shaped cooking pan to the right is pretty exciting - I can't wait to use this next year.

The jewelry on the left are vintage items from my grandmother, and the ones on the right are all brooches from my mother's job.

Also, surprise surprise, I have two new perfumes:

Lollia's Breathe and YSL's Parisienne
And to a certain someone: NO, I do not bathe in it, and NO I am not stinky. They smell good and light.

Everything else was either less exciting (things I needed), more personal, or silly to photograph, like gift cards.