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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vintage Shopping

Today I went to a vintage clothing show in Santa Monica. It was almost overwhelming how many gorgeous items were there! There were elegant 20s dresses with all their beading intact, old designer stuff, and even victorian dresses and shoes! I tried on so many biased dresses. I tried on a black one with a deep v-neck in the front and a very very low v in the back. The way it was cut was amazing! It wasn't just plain - there was a pattern to it. I also tried on a gold biased gown that was gathered below the bust and it had a little matching jacket!!

I ended up buying a long, black, velvet 1930s gown that is so pretty. It's looser at the top but form fitting at the waist and below. I'm going to get some jewelry for it and wear it on New Years. I also got 1930s shoes that are very wearable. They have silver art deco accents and mostly black velvet, silver for the T-strap part. I cannot believe they fit though because all the 30s shoes I find are 5 or 6, and I'm 7! But there were also really pretty red satin shoes too. Too small of course.

I want to check out the art deco show in San Francisco too. It's my dream to own an art deco style vanity.


Okay here are pictures. Sorry about the quality - I took them with my mother's digital camera which is as old as brontosaurus, but she uses it to photograph her items she sells on eBay, so if it's good enough for selling purposes, hopefully it's good enough for this.

This dress would have originally come with some serious jewelry... as you can see, that gaping neck and upper chest area is just begging for something shiny, but it was (obviously) no longer with the dress.

I know one of the shoes has a lot of wear on the shiny silver, but you know, they're old so it's understandable, but they fit which is unusual.


Maria said...

How lucky! I wish we had that kind of markets here too because, find that kind of items here is almost impossible.

Yes, try and find that time to take the pic because I would love (and I'm sure the others too) how that gown looks like :)

jwalker said...

Glad you found some good stuff!! But, why isn't this on the 'Vintage Fashion Book' blog? I guess what I am asking is, how do you determine what topic goes where? Just usual...

PG HueyHam

Lauren said...

Okay I just put pictures up. I'm not very happy with these photos, but I didn't really have much time to photograph and it took me forever to button the back (there are seriously like 20 buttons back there). But none of the back shots really came out well (yeah... worse than these) so I didn't post them.
I knew the velvet was not going to turn out how it should be! Oh well.


Oh PS Huey, well, I guess the reason is is if I am going to post pictures that I am in (or my body, or feet or whatever), I'd rather it just be on one blog. The fashion blog is more of a report of types, but Grayscale is my most personal blog.

jwalker said...

...well, thanks for the clarification! Now I understand. And, those are cool pix, BTW...Looks great! That will be so cool when you wear it out!

Maria said...

Oh, my, Lauren! The gown is totally breathtaking and, uf, with the shoes... you're going to break hearts, that's for sure. ;) The elegant and very simple are the best ones.

Jennifer said...

That dress is so beautiful!! It's so elegant and pretty. And the shoes!! You found some that fit! haha! They are gorgeous.
How much were most of the clothes there? There's a vintage clothing show coming up in Chicago in a few weeks and I'm thinking about going, but I've never been to one before and I have no idea how much money I should bring with me!

Lauren said...

Thanks! If it's a vintage show, a lot of dealers have stores and bring some stuff for the show, so they will usually take credit cards there. I brought my check book too and surprisingly a lot of the sellers took checks! The dress was $40 and the shoes were $90, but that's pretty cheap. The majority of the 20s and 30s dresses I saw were around $300-$400. It all just depends on the dealer though, and how they want to price their items. Actually most of the fun is trying everything on! But it's nice to come home with something. For how much I like vintage clothes, I really don't have that many so I'm trying to spend less at the mall so I have more for here!


Kate Gabrielle said...

oh my gosh, that dress is to die for!!! What a great find!

Kesenya said...

Your photos are just dreamy - no need to be concerned !! I love your blog, very enchanting ! And the dress and shoes are killer - you are going to wow everyone at New Years !! XX

PG Dagda said...

Wow, you look astounding. You have great taste Lauren, that dress is really beautiful.