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Friday, March 5, 2010

Late Night Chatter

Okay there's something I wanted to post since basically Christmas but I keep forgetting the book at home. Meanwhile, madness ensues at school. For some reason, someone thought it was a good idea to have room sign ups and class sign ups as finals are approaching. My good friend (and roommate for next year) and I had a mini freak out because there were no doubles left by the time it was are turn to sign up. She kept texting me in a panic while I was trying to watch Chinatown in my film class. (I love that movie, BTW.) But anyway, we have a triple in a good dorm. Nobody has signed up to be a third wheel, so either we'll be getting a poor, random freshman, or nobody.

Also had my first all-nighter ever Tuesday night! It was pretty thrilling actually. I sat in the lounge in my flannel pajamas with a bunch of guys who also had essays to write. Only three of us lasted through the whole night. We listened to the theme song of Rocky to motivate us, and I had some other songs to motivate me as well. Then there was a mini drama with my roommate who was annoyed that I entered the room at quarter to 7 to get ready for my 8AM class Wednesday. There are no common bathrooms, so I have to go into my room to use the bathroom and clean up. I'm not going to get into everything, but we can just leave it at the fact that she can be sort of ridiculous at times.

I believe I lasted the longest though, because the two other guys napped. It was a record 41 hours of no sleeping for me! It was 30 when I travelled to China.

Then of course we have me, my future roommate, and the guys we are pining after that are A- probably too old for us and B- something else. We decided that everything that seems to happen to us happens to the both of us, and now we are going through nearly identical guy issues.

Well, that's the general overview of my life up 'til now. I have a VERY unfinished painting I started of Ginger. Maybe I'll finish it one day? I also did a black and white painting of William Powell and another one with Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly in it. I enjoy painting in black and white more so I can focus on the values without having to worry about the hues.


VKMfan said...

pretty busy stuff! Well, hope you finally got some zzzs somewhere along the way...'all-niters' are to be expected once in awhile in college, but DON'T make a steady habit of them... it ends up doing more harm than good (i.e., better to get some sleep in than to be brain dead the next morn at an exam...)
Chinatown - heck, I'll have to see that - you AIN'T gonna believe it, but my mom has that EXACT movie at her house now from her 'NetFlix' lineup... REALLY!
Post pics of the paintings!!!
...And find SOMEBODY that has TCM!!! :-)

Lauren said...

I don't really plan on doing them often though I had a lot of fun watching the sun rise.
Chinatown is amazing. I love it. I like it more than The Godfather, but I think I'll have to see that one again because it's really confusing with so many characters to keep track of, and one of my friends was having a panic attack about school and asking for my advice while I was watching the movie. Different friend than the one I mentioned in my last comment on your blog.

Lexie said...

Ive had a few all-nighters so far. They are usually not too bad if you have enough energy to keep from falling asleep, especially with long, dull reading. I saw a few bits and pieces of Chinatown, but I havent watched it fully yet, Ill have to soon. I would like to see some of your paintings too. Ive done a few drawings with art, but I havent dared to try people. The class Im taking is fairly beginner so its mostly objects and room corners so far...

Fioraon said...

Forget Ginger. How about a self portrait of Little Edmund to accompany the sculpture?

Lauren said...

Haha I've never pulled an all-nighter for reading. I just don't read. I'm catching up on all my reading now though.
I don't really know how to paint, I'm a photographer, so I figured I would just forge ahead and try people. Hint, it's faster if you trace the outline. I'm so impatient. :S
Lexie what's your major?

I thought about doing one of that photo. I may try another one though. But that one is good because of the high contrast.

BTW Huey my whole dad's side of the family has TCM. My dad's too lazy to record stuff for me and my grandfather doesn't know how.

Lexie said...

Ya Im catching up on reading too. Haha Im the same way, Id rather trace things instead of spending so much time to get the details right. Im actually still in high school right now. Im not sure what my major will be, but i need to start thinking about it. Im interested in film (obviously) so I might look into something along those lines, but I still havent decided for sure. Any suggestions?

Lauren said...

You're doing all-nighters in high school? Did I address that before? I've only done one, the one I mentioned. My mother is a stickler about time management so I never ran out of time to have to do them in high school.
Do you have an e-mail? If so, send something to Then I could explain some stuff in more detail without it having it on my blog.