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Friday, March 12, 2010

TCM Classic Film Festival

I just found out about TCM's film festival in Hollywood at the end of April:
I definitely want to go. They are going to play Top Hat, among other films that would be fun to see. They are screening at Grauman's, the Egyptian, and other venues.
It's pretty expensive though, and I don't know if you can pay for individual tickets because I've only seen the passes so far.


SassyGinger said...

you JUST found out about this? The commercials are on non stop! I know theyre doing a mini tour too. Here in Chicago they are stopping at the Music Box and showing North By Northwest.

Lauren said...

I don't know how I would see commercials since I haven't watched television in almost a year. I also don't have the TCM channel at my house anyway. I tried to watch the commercial that was on their website but the internet was being extremely slow so it wouldn't load.

SassyGinger said...

Oh yeah! I forgot! Sorry! But seriously TCM does play that commercial like every 5 seconds. Okay, not every 5 seconds...but every commercial break!

Lauren said...

Haha it's okay. I'm not surprised though, they don't have to pay an outside company really to play those commercials but they make money from pass sales!

VKMfan said...

...have you gotten any tix yet? I think it would be really awesome to check out any movie in this arrangement, especially a GandF film!

Hope all is well at school! Are you done this quarter? have you gotten grades back yet? Need I ask further questions? :-)

Lauren said...

I'm going for the individual movies and will try to get in, otherwise you have to buy a package, the lowest one is $500. My aunt offered to get it for me but I still think it's too much money to spend now.

I just found out I got a B in film, thank GOD because that class was actually difficult for me writing-wise since I suck at writing. I'm on spring break now but I'm staying in the dorms until Tuesday, and I'm going to Oregon just for a vacation on Thursday.


ClassicFilmFan said...

Hi lauren, I have nominated your blog for the 'Beautiful Blogger' award:

& about the festival -- I wish I could go too! But for me, there would be additional airplane costs (flying from Holland) as well.. which would be a ridiculous amount of money for a student to spend ;D *sigh*.

Savor the Flavor said...

Have you looked into a press pass? I would bet that some bloggers are getting them.

As to individual tickets, they are offered just before each showing on an "as available" basis - $20 a pop, except $30 for the restored Metropolis.