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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NOT about shoes!

I felt like I needed something NOT about shoes to give myself a break. This is something I posted somewhere else a couple months ago:

About a year ago, when my obsession with I Love Lucy was in full swing, I decided to search YouTube for movies Lucille Ball was in. I came upon this trailer. At the time, I barely knew any of these people in it, but I remember thinking 'maybe I should branch out and start watching some old movies. These people look interesting.' By summer I was taking tap because of these two. I like to reflect what has happened for me over the past year. Discovering old films was one of the greatest things to happen in my life; it added a small piece to my personality that I am proud of. Finally I had found something that can make me forget about the overtly crude content in films today. With the old films I can experience movie-making in its glowing yet somehow humble past as opposed to its aloof and cliched manner now.


sneakysnoo11 said...

I totally agree with this post! So so true...

Now when I watch modern movies, they seem shallow and to quote you "crude" at least we can look back for the good stuff!

COngrats on the maths also! You must be so pleased!

Beth xx

Lauren said...

At least we discovered we could go back for the good stuff!! I wish some of my friends could see that too...

Thanks about math! I am happy because my school has SO many requirements, and on top of that I have more requirements for art, so it's nice to get some out of the way!


Savor the Flavor said...

An old film you will want to discover is "Trouble in Paradise," a 1932 film directed by Ernst Lubitsch.

Lauren said...

Is it on DVD?


Savor the Flavor said...

It is.

According to the imdb, it was unavailable until 1968, and was never available on VHS.

Something tells me you will like Lubitsch's work generally.