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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vacation Updates

Here's a collection of photos and little tidbits from my vacation to San Francisco and around that area.

My alligator purse. It's not made of alligator, but it has a gold alligator on it. :) A lot of people seem to notice/like this bag. Perhaps this purse is surpassing my old dinosaur lunch box in iconic images associated with me.

July 4th. I was happy because I think these new shoes nearly matched the navy in my dress! I mean, it's close enough. And I'm now obsessed with navy and white!

My new jacket I bought at a flea market. I love it very much so don't say anything bad about it. :(

From the Academy of Sciences!

An albino alligator...

...and a silly turtle.

Then I went home this day!
PS The shirt is navy and white.


sneakysnoo11 said...

Okayy... so I may have to say, that I hate you insanely for every single one of those garments :P

That jacket is gorgeous, and the shoes and dress are so close it doesnt really matter! Really, you are too lucky, having so many awesome flea markets close by.

I'm totally agreeing on the wonder that is navy blue and white. Pretty much all the cloths I bought have been those colours, and loads of them havew been navy with white polka dots! I was considering uploading a picture of my current favourite dress, but am now unsure based on your wardrobes superiority!

Beth xx

Lauren said...

Thanks! I wouldn't say my clothes are ALL that, but I must admit there's some good stuff over here! Yeah I have navy with white polka dots for my swimsuit, haha! It's perfect. It all makes me want to go boating!
If I see something navy and white, I'll send it your way. Something cute! A care package while you're at school :)

And I'm sure your dress is wonderful! I should see the kind of style you like so when I go shopping I know what to look for.