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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wishlist Part 1

It's getting closer and closer to holiday time-- my absolute favourite time of year!!!! Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas! Right now I'm hoping I can get tickets to the UCLA-USC football game, but it's chancey.

Anyway, for my wishlist part 1, I am currently in love with the majority of the beauty products at Anthropologie.

I am always enamored by their vintagey design! I looked online, but their selection isn't as big there as in the store.
I like perfume a little too much, but it always looks so cute in the bottle! It's usually way very expensive so I can't afford that many. I mostly use Flowerbomb now.

And to tangent, I bought the Winter air freshener from Bath and Body Works (the one that smells like the best of all things Christmas in liquid form?) and I can't stop inhaling deeply. It smells so good. I love that store. Rarely do I come out of there empty handed. I think I will add a gift card to here for my wishlist. Actually, for gift cards, I would probably want them from the following places:

B&B Works
Urban Outfitters
Forever 21 (I tell you this store is a gold mine if you can spot the classy from the trashy items)

Now for a tangent upon tangent (it's what I do best) I need to figure out what exactly to buy other people. And also some have requested artwork, so I may take that route for more presents. Which in my case means I need to run down to Samy's and buy some black & white film. and some frames, or other items to embellish it. I LOVE working with colour slides because everything is just so vivid! I took a picture of my youngest sister with colour slide film and it came out bursting with colour because of the contrast of her red dress, the lime green balloon animal/hat she wore, and the blue pool in the background. I actually have no idea where the picture is right now. It must be somewhere around my house.

Alright, scooting along the tangent line (oh dear only I would say that) this quarter is almost over, I have a lot of reading and studying to do, but hopefully it won't eat up all of my time. My goal is to get through 61 pages of my art textbook reading... maybe 100 since I have a lot and only two days. On Monday I have to actually start working on my sculpture! I'm making molds of my hand with alginate (it's the same as that puffy, gooey stuff dentists use to make molds of your teeth. (I always gagged during the bottom mold.) Then I'm filling the mold with wax, which I'll have to heat... somehow. And I haven't decided if I want to do anything about the fingernails of the hand molds, because mine aren't in the best shape right now. I bet the sculpture professor would love to know that I'm even thinking about something like that, but it's just a part of my multi-faceted personality! :)


jwalker said...

...well, hope Ho-Ho brings you all the cool stuff you are looking for!
honestly, I have done quite a bit of 'Gift Cards' the last few years - people think it is 'not putting thought' into a present, but if it is for a certain store, I think it is cool - whoever you buy it for can go get what they WANT...
As for the sculpture class, hope it is going well...hey, you need to post pix of your 'box'!!!


Lauren said...

Thanks. What generally happens is I get nothing on my wish list, so I scrape together the random 10s and 20s I may acquire and use it towards buying things off my wish list. I still make them for my reference though. :)

I know, everyone likes getting gift cards, but not many people like the thought of giving them. I sort of agree because I have a lot of fun trying to buy a some funky gift. But they are good. And it's hard, especially, to purchase clothes for other people. OMG I remember one year... maybe 4 years ago? My guy friend and I were both going to our friend's birthday party. So he didn't know what to get her and I was trying to help him out. He wanted to buy her clothes, and I WARNED him that it was going to be difficult, but he tried anyway. And oh my goodness the clothes he bought. I can't even begin to describe how strange they were.

OH YEAH. My box! It's at school, so I'll take a picture of it on Tuesday and try to post.