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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cinecon and Eddie Brandt's

TWO places one should go to if they are looking for classic movies, postcards, magazines, posters, lobby cards... basically movies and all paper items that have to do with classic film and actors. I haven't posted in a while so I'm filling this space with pictures of some things I purchased at Cinecon (and the laserdisk of The Gay Divorcee is from Eddie Brandt's).

Some notes first: if you are interested in learning a little about Cinecon, here's the website -
Eddie Brandt's is a video store in North Hollywood, California that carries a ton of movies for sale or for rent. There's a $15 lifetime membership fee, but they get a lot of donations by people who have recorded movies otherwise unavailable, so the membership may be worth it if you like searching out the old, rare films. They also have paper items for sale such as lobby cards and posters. If you go there, check out the walls. And also thank you so much to the person who told me about this store!

This is my original lobby card! The first one I've ever purchased. I thought this photo was adorable, and I couldn't resist.


jwalker said...

...what shade of green do you think I am now??? Just unbelieveable stuff, Lauren!

One of these years I will make it out to California, and hopefully be able to run across the places where Ginger herself trod... and find cool stuff like this. It at least does my heart good to know that a TRUE fan is in possession of these items!

I know, there are some cool things on eBay, but not the same as checking it out in a store.
There are no stores like that in my neck of the woods...believe me.

Hannah said...

Wow, the quality and clarity of those photos are beautiful! Thanks for the link, and for the information on Eddie Brandt's! I live in SoCal, but I'll gladly head up to North Hollywood for some rare classic films.

Lauren said...

Wait, where in SoCal? I live there too, and North Hollywood is not that far away at all. Twenty minutes maybe.

Have you been to Cinecon before? If not you should go - it's amazing!


Hannah said...

I live in Irvine, near Newport. Sadly, I have not been to Cinecon before, but I'm definitely interested in going next year!

Lauren said...

Oh okay that IS a bit farther away! But it is worth a road trip. I'm in the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles which is a lot closer!