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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Background and Other Photos

(Click to enlarge.)
My favourite thing about Macs is how glossy the screen looks, making the backgrounds seem much more brilliant than on my PC.
But seriously, none of the programs I used on my PC (besides the basics) work on a mac so it's been difficult trying to find alternate programs. The reasons why I like the mac are all little seemingly unimportant things (like being able to play, pause, and skip songs without having to be in the iTunes window) but those are the changes that fascinate me the most, the small "how/why did they think of that?"

Here are a couple other photos (from Lady in the Dark and Follow the Fleet, respectively):


jwalker said...

...Great pics! The new 'header' pic is great...wonder if the photographer purposely set them in opposite backgrounds (Ginger in white with a black background, vice-versa for Fred)...most likely so... works very well!

Lauren said...

I know, that is what I loved about the photo!!