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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Birthday Essence

1. Almost set off fire alarm with inextinguishable candles that took pleasure in spitting sparks out at people.
2. Friend scuttling backwards out the door, cake in tow - wide-eyed at the aggressive candles.
3. Setting off door alarms, amongst other chaos.
4. Warning for misconduct in the dorms.
5. Calming friends down while putting out those candles from your cake by grinding them into the concrete outside while the RA stares at us menacingly.
6. The cake was delicious.

"Now we'll never forget Lauren's 19th birthday."

*Another note is that people seem to enjoy making my birthday this week-long celebration. It must just be the holiday spirit in the air, because I'm not the only one getting excited about my birthday post-Thanksgiving. My presents are generally spread out evenly over four days. I really have no idea why, but that's how things seem to operate. Anything to get people in the gift-giving mood, I suppose. ;)
Anyway THANK YOU to the people who thought about my birthday (which is actually on 4 December)!

My younger sister's birthday is today, so I'm constructing her present at the moment. I thought I wasn't going to see her until winter break, but I found out today that she is coming by to see me tomorrow, so now I really gotta hustle!


Gingerella said...

Happy Birthday!!!! :)

I had to giggle about the dorms, because the office I worked in previously here on campus was the Residence Life office. And I used to see all of the disciplinary reports that would come in from the RAs about their residents, lol! Glad you had a fun but uneventful birthday celebration, minus the write-up. ;)

Amanda Cooper said...

Happy birthday, Lauren! (And a late "happy birthday" for your sister too!)

I love the new background!

jwalker said...


Hope you had a smashing day, and received everything you were hoping for!!!
Sounds like the dorm party was neat! Make those RA folks earn their keep!!!
And, also Happy Birthday to 'lil sis'! I think that is cool the two of y'all have your birthdays a day apart!!!

Maggie said...

Happy belated birthday! Ah, how I will (not) miss the dorms...

VKMfan (JW Huey) said...

Hi Lauren!!!

This is JWalker from Gingerology...just letting you know I have 'officially' changed my 'title' to 'VKMfan' from 'jwalker' (I just couldn't work 'Huey' in there and not make it seem 'clunky')... thanks!