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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Upon request of jwalker, I'm posting the box I made:

Click for larger image.
First of all, the turquoise beads were just a quick sprinkle job because I was taking way too long to make this. Staying up 'til 6am three nights in a row when class is at 8? I had to hurry in the end. Actually, the 'first of all' should be the fact that I've never made a box before. I don't know if I've even cut wood before. Either way, it was pretty shoddy construction, so I tried to mask that by covering the entire thing in beads, which is a bit shoddy itself. The one thing I am proud of is the silver and gold design on the box. That's the part that really took forever anyway. My photos aren't the best because the lighting wasn't working with me (please note my Bruin blue nails :) ).

What Mr. jwalker was doing last Friday:

Also, thank you Gingerella for the award! I will tack it up somewhere soon.


Gingerella said...

It looks very cute! What kind of project was it?

That video is exactly why I stay h.o.m.e. on Black Friday. :)

Lauren said...

It was for my sculpture class, and it went with a group of objects.


jwalker said..., I was watching the Auburn-Alabama game on Friday... BTW...what was that those folks were so lustfully going after? box! Looks fine to me...quite 'art deco'!
Is that a square hole in the top?

BTW / PS - nice Bruin Nails!!!

Lauren said...

HAH, I was making fun of you because this took place at Walmart!
I don't know what they were looing for... hangers? doorknobs? a Ginger DVD? Lysol?

Thanks! Art deco was my inspiration. :)
Yeah, that darn square hole I spent two hours filing down to get it to look remotely square...

Thank you. I was very pleased to find that Sephora stocked 'Bruin Blue' just in time for the game... ;)
I should set up a booth outside of the UCLA Store and sell blue nail polish and call it Bruin Blue.


jwalker said...

Speaking of Wal-Mart, Miss Gingerella has an interesting new post regarding how the 'big boxes' have killed off local business...I really think one should try to support local business if it is a viable option to Mega-lo-mart...but then again, the big box folks are in the final analysis 'capitalism in action'...if you can sell folks 'ever what you need' (local colloquialism) under one roof, at the cheapest price, that's a hard nut to crack... and every big box that is built typically also creates multiple 'satellite' stores and restaurants around it, which create more jobs, too. On the other hand, if you are looking for someone who actually KNOWS anything about a particular product, good luck finding that at 'big box' - that is where the locals can gain some ground, as well as offering more diverse stuff. As an example - We were in Target tonight, and I was looking for the new '4-in-1' DVD collections of classic movies that Warner Bros. has put out, and the place didn't have them...nor ANY other 'classic' movie...but plenty of 'recent titles... it was pretty sad...
Well, probably should have posted this over on Gingerella's blog (in fact, I think I will 'copy and paste' it) need to go over there and comment on how you have never even been IN a are a rare breed, lady-friend!!!