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Sunday, December 20, 2009

More Photos (Old)

I'm finally getting some more of this stuff uploaded. These are all from high school.

I printed this once, and there was a fix stain on the print, and then the print got lost...

The above is an inversion from the negative I scanned a while ago. I don't know where the negative is, but I hope I can find it because this picture looks so much better when you can see the detail. I think these are some kind of yam/potato type items... I'm not sure though.

I took these on my Holga camera. If you aren't familiar, it's a plastic toy camera that is used by artists to create some unexpected effects.

There is a glazed, dream-like quality about the prints, and the random light leaks on the edges are due to the plastic construction. The bottom two of this series are double exposures.

This is the back of my little sister. I tried to work it so her dress would fade into the sand. You can see the outline of her dress better upon looking at the actual print, so the fadeaway effect is really pronounced from the scan. My aunt used to collect postcards called 'fadeaways' where, usually, a woman's clothing blended in with the background, so this relates to that.

This photo, along with the previous one, were printed on matte paper. And I mean really matte. I was debating hand-colouring these two but never got around to it. I'm not good at hand-colouring at all. That's why I'm so amazed at Maria's pictures she colours of Fred and Ginger. I'm just awful at it. I get it outside the lines, in looks uneven and messy, and the list goes on.

This is from the summer of 2007 when I took a colour photo class.

I was playing around with flash, trying to wash out the colours and get starkness. Sort of like Marc Jacobs ads I suppose. The one on the right I gave to my grandmother for Easter. They were both taken in her house, and she hung the rabbit photo right above the bucket where the rabbits are. It looks cute altogether.

My uncle's dog. He looks sweet, but is far from that. He unfortunately was never trained correctly, and when my uncle got him (I think the dog was... 2 maybe?) he never played with him. So minimal human contact didn't help his demeanor. I refuse to be in the same room as this dog, especially because he bites. I took this while I was inside and he was outside. I think this merits an explanation because when my friends saw this picture, they melted over the 'cute dog.' I explained that it wasn't what it seemed.

Plants outside grandma's house. This one was a bear (as Huey would say) to colour correct. So the difference between printing in black and white and in colour is that while you are exposing the paper in colour, there is no safety light. It is 100% dark, so your eyes don't adjust, since there's nothing to adjust to. It's sort of fun though, trying to feel around for the paper and hope it's centered. Then there are little knobs on the enlarger for Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta. And you adjust those knobs to alter the colour. You have to train your eye to see when the colour is balanced. I got pretty decent at it during that month. Maybe it helped that I was a woman, because I feel as though this would be a harder for a man to colour correct since they don't notice different shades as well as females. I'm not out to offend anyone, but I believe it's a biological thing.


Gingerella said...

Is photography just a hobby, or is it your major? If not the latter, it should be! You are very talented, Lauren!

Lauren said...

Art is my major right now. I wish it could've just been photography as I'm not so crazy about all the other things I have to do for the art major. I'm glad you liked the pictures though :)


VKMfan (JW Huey) said...

Cool offerings, Miss Shutterbug!

Like the doggie peering up over the window or whatever... he definitely looks like he is up to something...