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Friday, December 18, 2009

Shoe Post

I found these 1930s shoes while on vacation, and upon trying them on, I was more than thrilled to discover that they have arch support. This is monumental, namely because I haven't had arch support in a shoe since maybe 6th grade. And since my mother threw out my arch inserts (that my aunt gave me to try) because they were still in the shoes she hated so much she tossed without looking, there went that. But anyway, the shoes have some solid arch support! Is that normal?

Click for larger image.

And so I was messing around on Photoshop so I could stick all the pictures together. The upper right corner looked disgustingly barren, so I thought of putting my name there. But I really needed something square, so I stuck a picture in lieu of name. It really has nothing to do with the shoes, it was more of an aesthetic choice. Which segues perfectly into my next post, which I was inspired to work on. Why now, I don't know, since I have so much to do tomorrow, but there are just some things that cannot be explained.


Gingerella said...

I *love* those shoes!! :)

Lauren said...

Thank you! Have you ever been to California before? Or are you planning on coming again? Because I got these in a great spot to find vintage clothes. There are three shops that are really good and have a decent amount of stuff from the 30s (my favourite decade)! One of the shops had a lot of velvet dresses.


FiestyFiend said...

Nice shoes, Lauren!!! I like them!

BTW, by any chance was the picture of you on the couch taken after you consumed the contents of the containers in the picture immediately above your Halloween costume?

FiestyFiend said...

I forgot to mention that Little Edmund is a nice addition to Grayscale.

Lauren said...

Thank you.
HA very funny. Someone actually drank all that by themselves, but it wasn't me.